Milk Chocolate Cigarellos - 100mm Long

Cigarellos are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your chocolate cakes look amazing. Simply cover the cake with ganache, chocolate cream or buttercream and place the cigarellos around the cake sides.

Size: 100mm long (approximately 120 pieces per box)

Net weight: 700g/

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Please note: Although every care is taken when packing, these Chocolate cigarellos of this quality are very fragile, and are shipped at the customer's own risk. Although pre-packed we are unable to inspect the condition of individual cigarellos, so breakages are to be expected.  Please note that it is one of the manufacturer's conditions of sale that they will not entertain claims for breakages for up to 10% of contents. This means that even if some are broken before we send them to you, we cannot return them.  We therefore have to apply the same condition to orders. Please remember in most cases, breakages will be fewer than 10% and even the broken cigarellos can be used.


Sugarcraft Boutique Guide to Quantity
An approximate guide to how many Chocolate Cigarellos you’ll need to go around the cake sides.

6" round = 64         6" square = 79

8" round = 85         8" square = 103

10" round = 104     10" square = 131

12" round = 125     12"square = 155